Can I Justify Buying An Ipad?

So we’ve only begun the decline in the year 2012, but I’m already planning out my next tax-return purchase for January 2013. Recently, I became employed at Best Buy. Although I get no discount off the actual iPad itself, the discount on accessories and protection plans are huge. For this reason, as well as the fact that I’ve recently become an Apple converter/big fan, I’ve considered buying the newest iPad when it’s released early next year. Here’s the thing:
I already have a MacBook Pro 13″, which I use for college and a Kindle Fire, which I use for books and simple games. I love both devices, but they serve different purposes. If I got the iPad, it would most likely be the non-3G version (why pay for internet when WiFi is free practically everywhere?).
It would be portable compared to my MBP, at 1.4 lbs as opposed to 4.5 lbs, and would weigh the same as my Kindle Fire (4thQ, 2011). Can I justify buying an iPad when my Kindle is similar? I just like the OS and screen size much better. I also like fact that the iPad is more like a mini-computer where my Kindle is more of a suped-up e-reader.

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2 Responses to “Can I Justify Buying An Ipad?”

  1. BrownShu says:

    You’ve got a pretty good idea already it seems on how the iPad could benefit you. Honestly, if you’d like to carry around something that is MUCH lighter than a MacBook Pro and also have great Internet usage/book reading experiences, then you will really like the iPad. I know I love mine 🙂
    I use it like 90% more than my laptop, I really only use my laptop now for big things. And reading books on it is great too….I like being able to highlight words, add notes on pages, and also just click a word and get the definition instantly. I’d say go for it.

  2. Qin says:

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