Can I Purchase A Generic Movie Ticket For A Gift?

I’m part of a gift exchange, and my gift is the novel “The Hobbit”, along with a collectible figurine of Gandalf. To top off my gift I would like to add 2 theater tickets to the soon-to-be-released film “The Hobbit”. So I was wondering if I could buy ticket vouchers of some sort so that the recipients may watch “The Hobbit” at any participating theater. Do such generic tickets exist? Also, I would like to avoid buying gift cards, because the monetary value is shown.

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One Response to “Can I Purchase A Generic Movie Ticket For A Gift?”

  1. Jacob says:

    You can buy movie passes
    there are different kinds of movie passes, you can get the flat rate passes that can usually be used anywhere, however you cannot use them for new releases most of the time, especially at the large theaters, so unless they want to wait a couple weeks that may not be the best idea
    also, depending on which theater they prefer, it can be more expensive that way. The flat rate passes are like $6-8, but movie ticket prices vary a lot (near me one theater costs $4 on weekdays, and its a good theater, another costs $11.50, so would cost more)
    You could also do the specific theater tickets, this would be good if there’s one main theater near you or one that is especially popular and most people go to
    Then you can get unrestricted tickets so they could see any movie any time, which would include the hobbit, but only could go to that theater

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