Can I Replace The 2 Pin Plug On My Toothbrush With A 3 Pin Plug?

This is the toothbrush I have:
This is the plug I want to put on instead of the two pin plug:
Is this possible? I have replaced plugs before so this is not an issue.

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2 Responses to “Can I Replace The 2 Pin Plug On My Toothbrush With A 3 Pin Plug?”

  1. born yesterday says:

    You are apparently intent on replacing the cord for the
    charger. If the charger is not provided with a ground (earth)
    connection; it’s likely that there are no metal parts inside
    to ground. This is common in switch mode power supplies
    which do not use transformers.
    If your intention is grounding, it’s probably pointless.
    If not, add details including the charger model.
    PS: I have your additional details.
    First, the plug and cord supply the charger.
    Second, the plug probably incorporates a fuse which is
    essential for the charger.
    (This is almost certain if the plug is “long and skinny”.
    In the event (not if but when) of battery failure,
    the fused plug will prevent the charger from
    bursting into flames.
    Third: best bet is to beng the blades of the plug slightly for a more secure
    Without the charger model you would be taking a chance
    to replace the plug.

  2. oil field trash says:

    I don’t know about the UK but in the US a device like this doesn’t have a ground wire so there would be nothing in the cord for the third prong to connect to. The internal electrical parts are all isolated from the user by non metallic non conducting materials.
    You could use a three prong plug but the third prong would be inactive.

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