Can I Scrap A Motorcycle For Parts In Florida Without A Title?

I have a motorcycle from a “buy here, pay here” lot. I paid a few payments on the bike and then the bike broke. From what I have read from reviews from this company, many others have had the problem of their motorcycles breaking down after a few weeks of delivery. The “buy here, pay here” lot has the title. I’m in Florida. I don’t want to pay to repair the motorcycle (it would cost likely half or more of what it was being sold to me for) and then finish paying the “buy here, pay here” lot as well. My question is this; Are there any options for me to sell/give the motorcycle to a junk yard (only tried a few, but most have been telling me NO without a title/bill of sale) or sell it for parts, or take it apart and sell the parts individually? Again, I would like not to repair it, I would like to use any money I can get from scrapping/junking/selling for parts to pay off the “buy here, pay here” guys. Is this legal? Or am I just SOL? Thanks in advance.

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One Response to “Can I Scrap A Motorcycle For Parts In Florida Without A Title?”

  1. Candid Chris says:

    Can’t legally sell what isn’t yours so if the ‘buy here,..’ guys catch wind you could be in deep sh!t.
    Pay off the bike and THAN you can sell parts.

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