Can I Sell My Homemade Cookies At My Village Sale Trail?

My village is having a ‘sale trail’ where local houses open up their garages and basically sell unwanted items like a car boot sale but within my village on a day in May.
I would like to participate in this and sell lots of my old stuff but wondered if I was also able to sell home made cakes. As I am not a business and they will be made in my own kitchen i wondered if I would be ok with Health And Safety, I know people do it for charity but this isnt, its just so I can make a little extra money on that day
I notice that there are now many charity bake sales whereby people are making them in their own home.

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2 Responses to “Can I Sell My Homemade Cookies At My Village Sale Trail?”

  1. Pogo says:

    Take a chance, it won’t be crime of the century.
    Just make sure you don’y poison anyone and you should be ok.

  2. The Unknown Chef says:

    Called round to the Local Council office and ask, also you should list any ingredients on a label or sign at your booth/place, mostly for nut and egg allergy’s, wheat to, but I have not seen the rampant problems in the UK as there are here in Canada and the US, my friend has sold things at her church rummage/jumble sales here, she owns a bakery and it licensed but off site it is different, it is like people here have Garage sales, they do not sell the garage/car port, but line up there things on tables in the driveway or front lawns to sell, some offer snacks and hot dogs for sale, no one cries foul here.

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