Can I Still Spend, My Hmv Vouchers?

My auntie bought me £100 worth of vouchers for hmv, and I’ve just heard it’s called in the administrators, can I use my vouchers still

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  1. Inquizet says:

    Probably not, when other companys go bust (Curry’s) their vouchers weren’t redeemed. HMV owes you £100 but the Taxman always gets it’s money first, you’ll be far down the list of liabilities for HMV to pay.
    Headline “HMV has confirmed it will not be accepting gift cards or vouchers from customers as the retailer prepared to collapse into administration.”…

  2. Patrick says:

    yes you can, they are nowhere near close to shutting down. Calling in administrators just means they are in trouble, and are looking for someone to bail them out/buy the company. I went to HMV Hereford yesterday and spent £25 (may way of supporting a company I love).
    HMV may well be overpriced bastards, but they are the last decent entertainment retailer left (on the high street), and I urge anyone who cares to continue to support them to the end.

  3. Rincewin says:

    Nope. sadly we have lost out.
    Just phoned them now – after reading that they are not excepting vouchers – and was told via the guy at the store that they have been told to not except, nor can we get our money back. I did ask, at any point will we be able to get out money back, and he stated he “did not know”.
    I think this is a case were we all lose out. I only had 20 quids worth. I should of got in when I could of.
    But surely this is illeagel – as that’s unspent money – they can’t just simply keep it :/
    some further info – this is from a comment on my facebook..
    According to Martin Lewis if they were bought using a credit card you should be able to claim back the money. They must have the known they were in trouble before xmas so why sell the vouchers to unsuspecting customers.
    so maybe if your vouchers were paid via credit card, your family member may get their money back.

  4. @Kirsty@ says:

    I don’t think you can! Read this:

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