Can I Tranfer My Sec 8 Voucher To My Cousin Who Is Taking Care My Disable Child ?

I’m single parent with two children. One of the children is disable. I will be out of the country about 5 to 9 months due to family reason. Can i tranfer my sec 8 voucher to my cousin who lives with me.

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3 Responses to “Can I Tranfer My Sec 8 Voucher To My Cousin Who Is Taking Care My Disable Child ?”

  1. Ariaread says:

    NO. that is NOT your possession to give away. You need to speak to your caseworker.

  2. Carol says:

    so many different things to qualify, but if you leave the country and don’t try you can lose the ability to ever get section 8 for the rest of your life unlike other social programs section 8 is a once you get kicked off or it revoked (not talking voluntary stop or suspension)you are off (the other you can get back on it)

  3. acermill says:

    Of course not. You can NEVER transfer a Sec. 8 voucher to another person. If you leave the country, you will lose your Sec. 8 voucher, and you will need to get back on the waiting list if and when you return. Your cousin must apply on his/her own for such assistance. Furthermore, your Sec. 8 voucher does NOT allow your cousin to live with you. Should your caseworker discover that, you will be automatically terminated from Sec. 8 assistance.
    FOLLOW UP: That your cousin was ‘added to the list’ is irrelevant. Your cousin will qualify for Sec 8 assistance when HIS/HER name comes up on that wait list. That YOU have a Sec. 8 voucher is meaningless to your cousin.

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