Can I Upgrade In August Then?

Hi my dad and sister have their phone contracts up in August, and they bought those phones 2 years ago. My mom and I bought the same phone, and it was terrible (it kept crashing and stuff) and we ended up getting iPhones in June. Today I texted the AT&T help line thing (*639#) and they said; “This line is eligible for an early upgrade with a partial discount off of the full retail price when you sign up for a 2-year service agreement. This line may be eligible for an upgrade at our best pricing on 01/06/2014. A $36 upgrade fee will apply. Upgrade now at or visit a AT&T retail store.”
It’s quite ambiguous and my mom wants us to upgrade in August so we can just get our phones done and out the way with in August (it’s just easiest for my family) instead of like y dad and sister going in August to get new phones, and my mom and me going in June to get new ones.

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One Response to “Can I Upgrade In August Then?”

  1. ohboysha says:

    Yes you can use your other family members upgrades for yourself just go into the AT&T store and they will be able to do it for you.

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