2 Responses to “Can I Use An Eu World Of Warcraft Account To Play On Us Servers?”

  1. Vicki says:

    I’m quite confused about what you are asking.
    You create a battle.net account that is accessible from any continent. Then, you can attach a US or a EU WoW account by clicking “Play for Free” in the WoW section of your battle.net (the region depends on what the country code of the web address is. E.g. us.battle.net for US and eu.battle.net for EU) You can have more than one from any region.
    Then, you can purchase a subscription and expansions for the game that you attach. Make sure you purchase it for the “Americas & Oceania (US)” one, though. I haven’t personally bought a physical copy, but I think you can buy one from any country and enter the code into whatever region you want.
    You do not need to buy an EU account for being a EU citizen who wants to play on US. On my account I have two WoWs attached to it, a US one with 5 85s (I had a similar situation to you last expansion – I wanted to play with my friends from US) and a EU one with another 5 90s (different ones. I decided that I wanted to try out serious raiding and PVP since the timezones are different and the latency is insane).
    You cannot play or interact with anyone from the US if you are playing on the EU servers. Account-wide achievements and rewards do not go across the games either.
    Just to clarify in short – your battle.net is not region (EU/US) specific – the WoW games that you attach to it are.

  2. Drew says:

    Yes you can, every person no matter what battlenet account you use (EU or US) uses the same game.

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