can i use educ discount and claim back VAT on a macbook?

i have just registered as self-employed and need to buy a laptop for my business
a friend has offered to use his educational discount which is about 14%. I wondered if – in addition – i would be able to claim back my VAT in my next tax return?
sorry as a new tax payer this is all a bit new to me and want to make sure i get the best deal

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2 Responses to “can i use educ discount and claim back VAT on a macbook?”

  1. Davy B says:

    If you have registered for VAT [and you do not need to do so until your turnover exceeds £67000] then you can claim back the VAT on anything which is used for the business when you submit your next VAT return . You will – however – need to show that the supply was made to you; usually that is covered by a "tax invoice" from the supplier and addressed to you. If your friend is buying it on your behalf that may prove a problem.

    If you are not registered for VAT though you will simply claim the full amount against your income to assess your profit. This is not really my field though…

  2. shortbread says:

    Ask your accountant if you want to be really sure. If you don’t have one, get one, they’re worth their weight in gold – paying them a couple of hundred quid to do your accounts can save you bundles.

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