Can i use my macbook and xbox on one monitor?

I found this monitor and was wondering if i would be able to run my macbook (old black one) and an xbox on it at the same time.

If so how? and does anyone know if the resolution would be high enough?

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One Response to “Can i use my macbook and xbox on one monitor?”

  1. aviatingamateur says:

    If you have an XBox 360, you can either connect it to that monitor’s HDMI or VGA port, depending on which cable you want to use (either an HDMI cable or the Microsoft XBox HDAV VGA cable).

    You can connect your Macbook to that monitor’s DVI port using miniDVI-to-DVI adapter and a standard DVI monitor cable.

    Once you got everything connected, just use the input select button on the monitor to switch back and forth between the XBox and your Macbook.

    And yes, 1920×1080 resolution is high enough.

    Hope this helps.

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