Can I Use This Cage For A Hamster?

I have a little Syrian hamster, and I’ve used the cage from my old Syrian (he passed away years ago) to keep this one in. The cage is a pretty good size (60 by 40 by 40). Only problem is it has one platform, and it’s made of wire, so my hamster doesn’t really use it much.
I want a cage that could be combined with others (e.g. rotastak, ferplast, savic) which is also at least my current size, and has a good height. It needs a good height because I’m getting one of those hanging hammocks with wooden ladders and stuff (
So are there any cages that fit this criteria?
And could I use this cage? Does it fit the criteria?

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One Response to “Can I Use This Cage For A Hamster?”

  1. Laci says:

    The cage looks like a nice fit and if Savic has cage additions for it, it’s even better. Love the hammock, I want to get some of them for my mice. It is above the minimum size, 75cm x 40 cm x 40 cm, by just a bit according to the Southern hamster club of the UK. It’s a little pricey in my opinion, so I would look around a bit more.
    I use tanks so I can’t recommend anything.

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