Can I Use This Subwoofer?

I have a sub woofer that says on the back label of it, 3 ohm impedance, so:
Q1: i am wondering how can i use this subwoofer in my house? can i use a mini amplifier like this one and use it: or will that not work?
Q2: Also if i cant use the subwoofer with the amplifier above, can i just connect it to my hifi?
p.s. The subwoofer came from a home theatre system.
Please don’t post lots of Technical stuff since i wont understand it.
Thank You.

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2 Responses to “Can I Use This Subwoofer?”

  1. Nightwra says:

    Not wishing to get too technical, buy does the subwoofer have either a “make” or a “model” on it? That will help to identify what it can or cannot be used with.
    The hideously cheap and nasty amplifier in your link will barely have enough power for a pair of headphones, never mind a subwoofer. Apart form anything else, it’s 12v DC, so you cannot connect it to the mains anyway.
    Chances are, if you connect the subwoofer to your hi-fi, one or the other will fail, as they aren’t compatible. It sounds as if you’ve been given a piece of cheap junk, and you are hoping to somehow make it work – it won’t.

  2. Andi says:

    What are trying to do ?
    and where are trying to use this sub-woofer ?
    A 12v amp suggests that you are wanting it for a car (to boost the bass)
    the speaker suggests you have ripped it off a cheap stereo system (or similar)
    and to be honest, taking a speaker designed for a cheap stereo is not a good starting point !

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