Can I work my way up to becoming a manager if I start out as a sales associate?

Let’s say I start working at a place like Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, or EXPRESS, the clothing store as a cashier/sales associate. Could I eventually work my way up to a manager position, especially since I have a bachelors degree in psychology? Would I get hired as a sales associate though, since I have a college degree? Thanks
What is so stupid about my question? I’ve been told before that having a college degree makes you "overqualified" for some positions. Yet, at the same time, you would think that a degree would help me to move up to a management position. I don’t know why you find this question stupid, but I find your answer worthless.

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4 Responses to “Can I work my way up to becoming a manager if I start out as a sales associate?”

  1. Spudbucket says:

    Having a degree guarantees you nothing in today’s job market.

    Yes, you could work your way up to a managerial position, but that would be down to experience in a particular job, and the ability to manage. Many people achieve this without a degree of any sort let alone one in psychology.

  2. barry says:

    You’re not the right candidate. I mean, look at your stupid question

  3. Judy says:

    Maybe you could, if you do a real good job. Your degree might or might not help.

  4. Braveheart-A fallen hero says:

    Rachel, Your question sadly identifies the ugly truth in today’s trial of a young person being too qualified for those few sector/s that have any vacancies, consumer retail and top range confectionery!
    Let’s take it head-on! Your in a difficult position but I think there may be a way out of this conundrum.
    It’s not necessarily a job you need its a ‘definitive’ plan. You need to work…your way up to that level whereby your degree itself dictates your route. You need to make the choice now will you be happier in Chocolate or in a Dress! What industry/sector where you thinking of when you studied and sat for the degree? Let that success lead you to the next stage and then be bold! At interviews clearly say who you are and what you are! Your a degree student wishing to get to the level of Consumer integrity in Purchasing and you ‘WANT’ to start at the bottom to advance your way to the top! May sound like a movie script but in reality that’s what you are, want and need. Set your stall out from the beginning. Make your mind up what lucky company is going to get you for the next few years and then GO FOR IT! Rachel, you will be aware of the rudiments that make-up the ‘too qualified ‘syndrome’. The would be employer assumes the candidate will treat the position as a stepping stone, The candidate will not give the position 100% commitment. To be making application for a position below her qualifications indicates that there has to be a ‘flaw’ somewhere! Rachel in today’s market place the interviewer has never had it harder, there are probably over 50 applicant’s for every position (maybe more in some parts of the country!) The person who stands out is the ‘person’ who stands out. I take it that your degree is hopefully in retail psychology, reading the patterns that make the consumer decide on the ‘purchase’. You need to create the scenario that you are that purchase, forget the qualifications but what are the benefits and the extras in picking you. Rachel, don’t waste time looking for a job, look for that first foot on the ladder and begin the climb not just to employment but to the desire to become a vital part of the mechanism that plays a giant part in today’s competitive retail sector/s. Go for it, create your plan and work it. You are already a winner now you only need the bigger stage. May I take this opportunity to wish you all the very best and success in your future. May it turn out to be all that you would wish!

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