Can Israel really make peace deals with a mentality like this?…

While many of our Arab friends believe a small fight between IDF soldiers and local youths in the west bank is more serious than the slaughter of 75,000 Syrians and counting, also believing in their deluded heads that Israel is to blame for the Syrian insanity. How is Israel suppose to rationally talk or make deals with a mentality like this? And how is Israel supposed to believe anything they say anyway?

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2 Responses to “Can Israel really make peace deals with a mentality like this?”

  1. Steve says:

    It seems as if they couldn’t care less about their Muslim brothers, sisters and children dying in Syria, they just want to score points against the Jews – my error – I mean Israelis.

    The Arabs will never make a lasting peace deal with the Israelis, it’s just a case of how much they can get at the time for the smallest effort.

  2. peacekeeper says:

    Well Benny, your link doesn’t work first of all so how am I supposed to answer your question? Nevertheless I will give you a simple answer. Thanks to what Israel has done to the Arab world for so long, Israel has made the Arabs think that way; Israel has provided this mentality to the Arabs. So in the end, IT IS ALL ISRAEL’S FAULT. Also I have not yet heard of any Arab country other than Syria’s Assad blame Israel for the civil war. The rest of the Arab world blames Assad. They don’t blame Israel or even mention Israel at all.

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