Can Or How Can You Get Flick Knives Through Australian Customs?

Im in Phuket at the moment and there are flick knives for sales in stalls,
I’m just wondering if I would be able to bring them back and get them through Australian customs or how I could get them through Australian customs.

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3 Responses to “Can Or How Can You Get Flick Knives Through Australian Customs?”

  1. Brian says:

    Completely illegal. You will be detained, they will be confiscated and you may face criminal charges

  2. catlover says:

    You can always bring a knife for your own personal use through customs, the only thing is you must put them in your checked baggage. You CANNOT bring it in your carry on only.

  3. Wukong says:

    A flick knife is 100% illegal. I’m not sure about a butterfly knife, but I think so.
    You could try smuggling it by hiding it in your luggage or up your bum or something, but you won’t like it of you get caught. Illegal weapon smuggling is serious stuff. And if you have several of them – very serious stuff.

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