Can Sellers In Amazon See Your Visa Credit Card?

I want to purchase 2 books from SELLERS in Amazon,can they see my number?
Here’s the stuff I want:
…And if they can’t see the credit card number,why they don’t accept paysafe?

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One Response to “Can Sellers In Amazon See Your Visa Credit Card?”

  1. Steve B says:

    You are NOT paying the seller direct .. you are paying AMAZON .. (so it’s Amazon who won’t take ‘paysafe’) … Amazon take their ‘cut’ and pass the rest on to the seller weeks later …
    IF you manage to ‘bypass’ Amazon and contact the seller direct, MAYBE they will accept other payment methods … but then, as a seller why would you want to deal with dozens of different payment methods ??? (these methods are not ‘free’ to sellers … … it’s bad enough having to suffer the Credit Card ‘cut’ (typically 2.5%) without another ‘cut’ on top …)

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