Can some-one please find this out for me ? i cant seem to find it …

I am trying to find the cost for postage and packaging for a book called Twilight, that costs £4.00 . I would like to know how much the postage and packagijng cost for it . but i cant see/or find it .

Can someone please find out for me and tell me ?

Thanks alot x

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2 Responses to “Can some-one please find this out for me ? i cant seem to find it …”

  1. Jade P says:

    The delivery rates can be found here:

    It all depends on if you want express delivery or standard too.

    By the looks of it for first class (within 2 days) it is going to cost £2.75 for delivery making your order a total of £6.75.

    For ‘express’ (by 1pm the next day) delivery it will cost you a HUGE £8.80 extra making it £12.80 in total.

    If you want though you can try the free amazon trial. Gets free delivery and as long as you cancel the trial you don’t get charged.

    HOWEVER if you go onto then the book will cost you £4.99 and the delivery is free so you would be saving £1.76 versus the best amazon offer. The book can be found here:

    Happy reading 🙂

  2. duffy72 says:

    It should show up when you go to the checkout

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