Can Someone Blackmail You If He Deposited Any Amount In Your A/c And Asking To Pay Double The Amount For It?

Recently I got in a situation where one guy called in my mobile saying that he deposited 1000 rupees in my A/C for a lady who promised him to supply girl i.e a call girl. I shocked to hear this as that lady contacted me for buying a customs mobile for cheap price. I said to pay any advance for it. But she denied how to pay advance without knowing but I gave her my A/C no and asked to put money in it.Next day itself she came to me saying she put the money and paid the balance amount and got a mobile and went. But now this guy is saying that he only paid this because she said to him that she will provide a call girl for a day and asked to deposit 1000 to my A/C. Now this guy is asking me to pay him 2000 or he will complain in bank and police.Will he really complain against me for this and what will be the bank and police do if he complains to them. He says he got my number from his friend who is working in the same bank.I want a legal advice

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4 Responses to “Can Someone Blackmail You If He Deposited Any Amount In Your A/c And Asking To Pay Double The Amount For It?”

  1. SLOW POISON says:

    Legally u are safe nothing can be done against u as he has will fully deposited amount in ur account , bank will be having voucher signed by him .

  2. Firefly says:

    No he cannot blackmail you like that.he deposited money on your account number so he should forget about the money the moment he deposited it in your a/c even if he complained to the bank.they can find out how much money he had deposited (statement) so he cannot ask for it.

  3. pammu says:

    When the money is not yours, you should not have entertained any request from any one without proving their identity, if it is inadvertant deposit, you should have straight away lodged a coplaint with the Police department to avoid trouble.

  4. Venkatesh V S says:

    u have an additional amount. u r safe.
    Just give a fomal complaint to the nearest police station, that he is harassing u and ur family, the police can take care.

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