Can Someone Explain How The Sag Works?

like how do you get a sag card?

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  1. Charlott says:

    SAS is a union of professional actors. SAG has tons of benefits, such as a higher pay rate, more job opportunities, etc. To become a part of the union you have to become “SAG eligible”. Then you have to pay a fee to join. You can become SAG eligible by doing one of the following three:
    1. Audition for a SAG project as a non union member and get the part
    2. Joining another union such as AFTRA for at least a year and get at least one principle speaking role in a AFTRA project. You can join AFTRA by paying a fee.
    3. Get three SAG vouchers from doing extra work. Getting three vouchers usually takes no less than six months.
    Once you are a part of SAG you will have to pay an annual fee plus a percentage of your salary. You also have to abide all SAG rules and contracts.

  2. fitnessg says:

    Are you in the LA area? If so get yourself into background acting. You can qualify for the Screen Actor’s Guild if you are selected to say any number of lines. They may have changed the rules but that is one way to do it. I’ve seen it happen this way.
    I qualified for SAG as a regular on a TV show. It was an Aaron Spelling show and they were kind enough to make us SAG qualified.
    Once you qualify you will be expected to pay your dues. This can be where it gets tougher. The dues are quite high.
    Even with the craziness of SAG and dues, acting is a ton of fun. I hope you are acting because you love it. Background is a lot of fun and you meet lots of great people. Enjoy the ride!

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