Can Someone Nude Beach Experience Help? My Bf Wants To Go But Is Insecure About It.?

My BF & I have a vacation voucher to the Carribean, and he wants to try something different. One of the trips we can do is 7 days & nights at an adult resort, clothing optional. We are friends with another couple that highly recommends it. I’m interested, he’s interested… but he is concerned b/c he has a smaller than average penis and doesn’t want to be the “laughing stock” or whatever. I told him it’s probably a non-issue, but I don’t want to ask our friends about that b/c they don’t need to know that.
So basically, does anyone know about these places? Like is there a reason to worry about that? He seems to think it’s the type of place where a guy would only guy if he can show off, and obviously doesn’t want to be standing around next to guys like that. I just have no idea what to expect at the place. Other than that the idea could be a lot of fun.

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3 Responses to “Can Someone Nude Beach Experience Help? My Bf Wants To Go But Is Insecure About It.?”

  1. mellissa says:

    I have been to clothing optional resorts in jamaica and cuba and you would be surprised they are fun and relaxing and it is people of every size race age just relaxing its not like people go there to look or be looked at its an average beach where everyone is minding there business in a care free enviroment. I would recommend giving it a try for sure! Great fun and no judgment

  2. Rodney Crews says:

    I fit your BF’s description, and I wondered the same thing before I went….. I go once a year now. It’s not a sex party, it’s not a penis measuring contest, it’s just a relaxing place. Just like any other beach, there’s a fat person here & there a good looking person here & there, but they’re all just other people and you mind your business like any other beach and interact with others like usual. And you wil be surprised at how normal it will seem. Go for it! He will pay for another trip there in less than a year.

  3. Rick407 says:

    I’ve been going to nude beaches and nudist resorts most of my life. They are wonderful, in part, because the acceptance there is so total. People come in all shapes, colors, and sizes and the diversity is very much appreciated and welcome. Both of you will quickly get used to it and you’ll enjoy the experience far more than you think you would. Nobody will care what size any part of you or him is, and very quickly the two of you won’t either.

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