Can Someone Please Help Me Out?

Hi 🙂
I am a 17 year old guy and i need a little help,i was wondering if i could gameshare with someone i need a full game as have no games at the moment all i have is some MW3 add ons and a medal of honour Online pass, i really want a full game such as call of duty MW2/3 Black ops or red dead redemption just a game to pass the time until i get paid im not a scammer the reason i have nothing is due to all my accounts being stolen by scammers that “Gameshare” then they took my accounts and then i sold my ps3 due to financial reasons and now i have bought another ps3 and was wondering if someone could help me out 🙂 when i get paid i can buy a PSN store voucher and send you the code etc but just need someone to help me out for now (im from the UK i can onto the US yahoo cause the people are much nicer :L i asked the same question on the british one and all i got was cool story bro) someone please help
Leave your PSN in your answer and i will add you 🙂

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