Can Someone Simplify This For Me?

Ok so the question was “Was the stock market crash of 1929 avoidable?”
This was one of the answers, but I don’t really understand stocks and stuff. Can someone simplify this for me?
1. Failure to regulate the stock exchanges. Persons could buy stock on credit, with as little as 10% down. Sometimes less, if you knew a friendly broker. Margin trading increases gains if the stock goes up, but it contributes to the collapse when the stock price goes down. When the price dropped, people who could not pay what they owed on the stock were sold out, and that dropped the price further.
2. Failure to prohibit banks from investing in the stock market.
3. Failure to impose regulations on the sale of securities.
4. Decreasing taxes and regulations on business, which contributed to oversupply of goods, overinvestment in stock, and the lack of a market for the excess capacity when the crash came.
5. Balloon mortgages, which were interest only for a number of years, and then came due all at once. When this happened, and the borrower could not pay or refinance, foreclosure ensued, and that made the economic situation worse.

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