Can you always get discounts in electrical stores?

I brought my mum a laptop the other day and felt really cheeky asking for a discount, the sales assisant said he couldnt do anything but I kept pushing and got some free software and a bag.

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6 Responses to “Can you always get discounts in electrical stores?”

  1. thecoldvoiceofreason says:

    Of course they can, electrical items that high street retailers sell usually have between 20-50% mark-up over the trade prices.

    When i bought my last laptop it was badged at £1200, i got the memory upgraded to 2Gb and walked out of there after paying £1050. Just keep chipping away and if they dont bite just start to walk out saying you’ll buy elsewhere – never fails, salesmen get paid a crap wage that they make up with commision, they wont let a sale walk out the door if they can help it.

  2. Jon B says:

    They know that if you are looking for discount then you are likely to buy, and it is likely that if they don’t get you something you will take your cash somewhere else.

  3. grumpcookie says:

    i always ask for discount. and i always get it..last time i was in currys i bought a big silver fridge/freezer, i got £14. knocked off. when i go food shopping for wher i work ( i am a chef ). i went to farmfoods, spent £200. and got £20.knocked off my bill. never be afraid to ask for a discount.

  4. pinkblackjasper says:

    Well done. If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

  5. gazbag says:

    if you don’t ask you wont get. the worst they can say is no.

  6. madjedi32x says:

    yep, even sale items. i bought a pc monitor, sale from £300 down to £200 and got an extra £31 off. so i ended up paying just £169

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