Can You Change These Algebra Word Problems To Algebraic Equations?

1. Jerry Marcosi puts 5% down of the amount he makes per week into a retirement account, r. He is paid 11 dollars an hr and works 40hrs per week for a certain amount of weeks, w. Write an equation to help him find out how much he puts into his retirement account.
2. Kyle Thornton buys an intem which normally sells for a certain price, x. Today the item is selling for 25% off regular price. A sales tax of 6% is added to the equation to find the final price, f.
3.Sharice is a waitress at a local restaurant. She makes an hourly wage of 3.50, plus she receives tips. On Monday, she works 6 hrs and recieves tip money, t. Write an equation showing what Sharice makes on moday, y.

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  1. Jose Enrique says:

    z = payment
    y = hourly salary = 11$
    z = 40y since he works 40 hours on a week and his saves are weekly
    x = savings
    5% = .05 of the salary
    x = 40y * .05
    x = 40(11) *.05
    x = 22$
    He saves 22$ per week.
    F = final price
    X = Normal price
    if he gets 25% discount and AFTER he gets the discount he gets 6% of taxes added to the price then:
    F = (x*.75) *1.06
    Which means we multiply the price for .75 (since he only pays the 75% of the actual price because of the 25% discount) and after the discount we add 6% taxes so we multiply for 1.06 (because its the actual price plus .06 of the price).
    X = wage = 3.5$
    T = tips
    Y = monday earning
    the earnings would be the payment of 3.5$ for each hour which she works 6 plus the tips so:
    Y = 3.5*6 + T
    Hope it helps.

  2. Admire11 says:

    1. r = 5%(11*40)w, r = 0.05(440w)
    2. Price, x
    25% off = x – 0.25x = 0.75x
    6% tax added [of normal price, x] = 0.06x + 0.75x
    Final price, f = 0.81x
    3. y = 6*3.50 + 6t (I’m assuming she receives her tips, t hourly)
    y = 21 + 6t
    If she receives 1 tip for her whole shift, y = 21 + t

  3. Abel Gospel says:

    1. If he gets $11 per hour and he works for 40hours per week then his total pay for that week is 440. The questn said that he removes 5% so the find the real amount we do this
    5/100 x440 = 22$
    so if you remove 22 from 440 it gives 418 which is this real pay.
    Sn he puts 22.
    40 x 11 – x = 418
    440 – x=418
    multiply both sides by -1
    -440 x = -418
    x=-418 440
    2. It means that the goods 25% higher than normal then anothe 6% is added making 31%. So we have tho find what amount is added
    so 0.31$ is added to the real price.
    3. She makes 3.50 per hour. If she works for 6hrs then she will get 21$
    3.50/y= 21
    y= 3.50 x 21.
    I don’t really know the equation for number 3 but i took my time to explain, write the eqaution and solve them.
    Plz reward my effort. I am currently using my phone and its not easy.

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