Can you exchange a £100 TOPSHOP gift voucher to actual money?

I was given a £100 TOPSHOP gift voucher and I looked on their website and their items were kinda pricey. And I was wondering if you can exchange a gift voucher into actually money? I have the receipt to the gift voucher.
O ok, thank you 🙂

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3 Responses to “Can you exchange a £100 TOPSHOP gift voucher to actual money?”

  1. Leonie says:

    No, you can’t, sorry.
    But surely it doesn’t matter if their stuff is expensive, because you have a voucher and therefore aren’t really paying for it? Topshop do some really nice stuff.
    But I suppose you could always ask around and see if anyone wants to buy it off you, for a discount price (like another person said) for example if you asked £75 for it. If that person loves to shop at topshop, they are sure to buy it off you because in effect you’re giving them £25. But you’re not exactly loosing any money since you were given the voucher by someone else.
    Hope I helped 🙂 x~

  2. kerrie says:

    No unfortunately you can’t it is in the small print of their terms and conditions.

  3. G =] says:

    No, but you might be able to sell it for £80 or something on eBay

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