Can You Find Any Flaws In This System?

In My Politics & Government class in School, My teacher gave us a project, lets say:
America was a Communist country and you are the first democratically elected President given the task of rebuilding the economy how would you do it?
I said ” I would do what they did in Russia and give start up a voucher system where your workplace would be owned by the workers e.g. you Worked in Government-Owned McDonalds with 16 other people. instead of selling this Gov.-Owned McDonalds ill give it for free to the 17 workers, so You and these 16 people will own 1/17th of that specific store you can sell your share, You can get 1/17th of the profits etc.”
I Liked the idea and i wanted to know what flaws you could find that maybe i could fix.

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One Response to “Can You Find Any Flaws In This System?”

  1. rrdein says:

    Are you talking about modern America? This might be a decent solution for the economy in the short-term, but America is something of a special case in that we worship all forms of immigration, legal and illegal, and if all property were suddenly distributed universally to everyone, in the way welfare and food stamps currently are, this could create a lot of problems. There is the question of why the economy was ruined in the first place, and whether this solution would only perpetuate those problems.

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