Can You Find Any Flaws With This System?

In My Politics & Government class in School, My teacher gave us a project, lets say:
America was a Communist country and you are the first democratically elected President given the task of rebuilding the economy how would you do it?
I said ” I would do what they did in Russia and give start up a voucher system where your workplace would be owned by the workers e.g. you Worked in Government-Owned McDonalds with 16 other people. instead of selling this Gov.-Owned McDonalds ill give it for free to the 17 workers, so You and these 16 people will own 1/17th of that specific store you can sell your share, You can get 1/17th of the profits etc.”
I Liked the idea and i wanted to know what flaws you could find that maybe i could fix.

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4 Responses to “Can You Find Any Flaws With This System?”

  1. jaker says:

    Ummm. What you are describing is capitalism. In communism the government owns all of the means of production of wealth. Individuals do not get profits from ownership.

  2. Jared says:

    America IS a communist country….. Research “Larkin Rose”

  3. i see dead squirrels says:

    Where does new stock come from?

  4. almo6914 says:

    What you’ve done is gone straight to Marxism (Marx wrote the communist manifesto). The workers control the means of production. Just something to think about.

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