Can You Fire An Employee Without Notifying Them.?

I texted my manager informing her of my new number and she said “great now I can bug you about working black Friday” I told her I would think about it because I was not a regularly scheduled employee I was strictly a floorset person which at American eagle is when we put out all the new clothes every month or so. She scheduled me without my knowing a. The other day I went in to use my discount and was told that I was no longer an employee because I was a no call no show on black Friday. Is it legal to fire someone without telling me? I’ve never had a warning that I was going to be fired.

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One Response to “Can You Fire An Employee Without Notifying Them.?”

  1. amy lynn says:

    That depends on several things. How long you worked there. What state you are in. What your company policy book says.
    In many cases, it is actually legal to fire someone without previous warning or notification. Knowing how long you worked there and what state you are in would help determine better answers to this question.
    But since this happened on black Friday, and you are just now posting this question, what was you next day scheduled to work, and did you work that day?

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