can you get a 2 way uk mains plug?

i want to be able to have a single socket extention cable plugged into a mains socket but i dont want it to use up the socket space so i was wondering if they do a plug that i can fit onto the end of my extention that allows me to still plug another item into the back of it. kind of like you can do with a comtrend powerline adapter :-
i cant find any item like this at all. I think i have seen all the other options of multiplugs.

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3 Responses to “can you get a 2 way uk mains plug?”

  1. Alma Grint says:

    As far as I know, they don’t make these. Practically, it would put a lot of torque on the socket. Why not use a bar adapter like you can buy almost everywhere?

  2. Girlie Electrics says:

    Better to fit a converta socket either single to double or double to triple.

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