Can you get a refund from vouchers?

I got a £20 voucher for USC and a £20 voucher for HMV and I was wondering if went to the shop and asked to change it back to cash they’d let me? Cheers

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4 Responses to “Can you get a refund from vouchers?”

  1. Twisted_Ace says:


    Read the vouchers carefully. Somewhere they will have the words, "This voucher cannot be exchanged for cash" or "Cash value 0.0001p"

  2. Jo W says:

    Sadly not!

  3. QuestionTime says:

    they are cash as such you can’t get a refund but i’ve sold vouchers on ebay usually £20 voucher gets ya £15 or visit the shop and try to sell it to a customer discreetly for £15

  4. Fairdo4all says:

    No they won’t.

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