Can you get a refund on a primark voucher?

I got a primark voucher for Christmas but I want the money off it to buy something else, can you get the money back off the voucher?,

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6 Responses to “Can you get a refund on a primark voucher?”

  1. Edward says:


    Chances are it will say ‘This voucher has a cash value of £0.001’.

  2. Roman says:

    Primark? You must be poor.

  3. ♠ Merlin ♠ says:

    they wont even give you cash of you buy something with it and return it
    they would refund you in another voucher

    you need to spend it instore, or get a friend to buy it from you

  4. sue519200 says:

    just ring them and ask them

  5. Danii says:

    No you need the original receipt and not even a gift receipt will do it’ll have to be the proper receipt!

  6. glitter says:

    No it says on all gift vouchers, ‘cannot be exchanged for cash’. sell it to someone who will use it?

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