Can You Help Me With This Please?

so i have this problem. i went to the store and bought this thing and didnt want mum to know and didnt know what i did with the receipt. mum finds it under dads pillow along with a hoyts voucher. so who put the reciept under the pillow. was it the old lady who had been fighting with the mum the previous day? was it the mum who wants to frame the old lady from the fight? would it be the little brother that went with me to the store and when i went to pay for the item it fell out of my wallet and i told him to pick it up and never asked for it back and also has a reputation for putting stuff from school under his pillow which is right next to dads pillow? or was it me the one who wanted to hide the receipt in the first place and had forgotten where i had put it….PLEASE HELP ME AND MY BROTHER SETTLE THIS?!

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