Can You Make Money From Voucher Codes?

For starters, if you are operating a voucher code website then you are going to be making most of your income through affiliate commissions when people click the links to the merchants that you are promoting. You will also be able to add other advertising, if you wish, such as Google’s AdSense.

Your costs will be very simple – you will need to pay to register a URL and to host the website. However, if you really want to you can even avoid these costs and just set up a blog on a Blogger account. So a voucher code website is cheap to set up and run. Where’s the catch?

Getting people on to your website

Here is the big catch – driving people to your new website. You might be spending hours every day updating the website and adding new codes, but how long will it be before you are getting people onto the site and earning you commissions.

The other part of this problem is that it is not just getting people onto the site. You need plenty of people arriving every day, so that when a percentage of them actually find the codes useful and then some of these visit the merchant’s website and a fraction of these then go on to make a purchase, the effect of the constant reduction at every level of the process finally leaves you with enough people at the end buying and making you commissions.

Is it that bad?

I’ve made it sound quite harsh and it can be that way. At every step of the way you are losing people’s interest. Maybe they have seen the voucher already, or maybe they don’t click your affiliate link or find that the product is cheaper at a different merchant’s website, which you are not promoting.

However, if you can build up a loyal band of visitors then they will get into the routine of looking at your voucher codes and then becoming customers of the merchants you are promoting.

So that is the secret of success

Yes, you can make money from a voucher code website, but you need plenty of traffic. The costs are quite minimal, however the profits can also be very small compared to the traffic volumes. The key to success of this sort of website is that you are original and make sure that you are producing tons of traffic. If you can get plenty of people onto your voucher code website and show them voucher codes that they are interested in, then you should be able to make a profit.

So it’s not so much can you make money from vouchers, but can you generate enough traffic to make money from them?

Source by Keith Lunt

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