Can You Recommend Some Young Adult Books?

I have an amazon voucher to spend and want to find a good book, i have an addiction to buying books but I haven’t found an amazing one lately so maybe i can get some help! 🙂
I would like to read books about:
1. An assassin who falls in love with their target (sort of like the His Fair Assassin series or Snow White and the Huntsman. Preferably the book centres around a girl who is being hunted and her hunter falls in love with her. A book like this is the Iron King. I loved that book so I guess that’s why i want to read one like it!)
2. A book about a famous teenager (Fictional though, like the Princess Diaries but one that’s more recent and mature)
Also, if you have read the following books, are they good reads?
1. Touch of Power
2. Darkfever
3. Firelight
4. The Goddess Test
Thank you if you can help!

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2 Responses to “Can You Recommend Some Young Adult Books?”

  1. Aurea says:

    Anything by Darren Shan, Or James Patterson.

  2. Cassie the Weird says:

    By Firelight, I’m assuming you mean the book by Sophie Jordan.
    I liked it. I thought the beginning felt a bit slow, as did the ending, though there was still plenty of action and suspence in those bits. It’s not my favourite book ever, but it was quite enjoyable.

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