Can You Take A Class To Buy A Section 8 Home On A Section 8 Voucher?

I currently came across a trailer for sale with 500.00 down . I was wondering if I could buy as part of section 8 program? I have to move soon buy june out of st pete I know a lady who got to buy a home on ,and with her section 8 program. Is this is anyway possible? How do I do this, and can I

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4 Responses to “Can You Take A Class To Buy A Section 8 Home On A Section 8 Voucher?”

  1. acermill says:

    You may be able to do this IF you are a current Sec. 8 program recipient. If you are not currently receiving Sec. 8 benefits, you will go on a lengthy waiting list, along with others who are seeking such assistance. You must apply in the county in which you reside, and you must reside in such county at least one year before applying.

  2. reenzz says:

    No. Section 8 is provided to help with rent. Taxpayers are not going to purchase a home for you.

  3. Flower says:

    Check this link to HUD. There is a program for Sec 8 voucher holders to buy homes with only certain counties participating.

  4. Landlord says:

    First, you have to find a house, you can’t buy a trailer with the voucher. Second, talk to your case worker, they are the only ones that can determine if you qualify.

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