Can you think of any software provider that offer deals for start-ups?

Is there deals out there for new business to get software for cheaper due to the size of the firm.

For example, offering a business package containing accounting tools for a lot less if the company; is < 6years old, has < 150 employees, valid address etc?

As they grow the need for the software will grow thus benefiting both entities.

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One Response to “Can you think of any software provider that offer deals for start-ups?”

  1. Steve B says:

    These days, almost all software packages, including all Microsoft (MS Office, MS Server etc.), charge for Business use on a ‘per user’ (in Microsoft speak, this is known as a ‘Client License’) per year basis …
    … and whilst you might HOPE they would charge less ‘per user’ for smaller user counts, the fact is, they almost ALL give ‘discounts’ for higher user counts (thus, for example, buying 10 lots of 10 client licenses will be a lot more expensive than buying a single 100 client license – and 10 x 100 a lot more expensive than 1 x 1000)
    [when you think about it, this makes a lot of sense to the supplier .. for sure if 10 x10 was cheaper than 1 x 100 you can be sure they would never sell a single 100 user license 🙂 ]

    The ‘larger’ packages (such as SAP, Oracle etc), the ‘installation’ costs dwarf the (annual) ‘per user’ cost .. plainly you don’t install SAP etc. until your business can afford the install cost ..

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