Can you use an Air Band Radio in Airports and Airplanes?

I had an Air Band Radio []
for a little while and had great fun with it listening to the ATC at my local airports but I wanted to know, if you say go away for a weekend and your going by airplane, does airport security allow you to take it through security?

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3 Responses to “Can you use an Air Band Radio in Airports and Airplanes?”

  1. David says:

    In airport, yes. On airplane, no.

  2. nako says:

    You would be able to take it through airport security, but whether you would be able to actually use it in the airport would depend upon the airport’s specific rules and policies.

    The radio could not be used during the flight — federal regulations in the US and elsewhere do not allow the usage of radios or any electronic device that sends or receives a signal during a flight.

  3. Future Of Basketball says:

    Probably wont be able to use a psvita cause of feed backs and microphones

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