Can you use other peoples tesco clubcard vouchers?

Hi, i got through some clubcard vouchers from tesco and i have used them to pay for zoo tickets. However i used 1 of my mums and one of my partners. i have heard that you cannot use them? Has anyone had any experience of using/ having them declined. I put my order through online and it accepted them but my order hasnt been "processed yet and dispatched?

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3 Responses to “Can you use other peoples tesco clubcard vouchers?”

  1. blackpool lass says:

    hiya, when i was given some i had to send id to the Cinema,so they could send my free tickets.i never got them,because it was some one else name on the might be lucky, and get yours.xx

  2. WESLEY L says:

    Yes anybody can use them as Tesco does not know the name of the customer.

  3. Rochelle S says:

    yes anyone one can use them. in my boys school there is a collection box and all the mums but there vouchers in there and when the school gets enough they Can by sports equipment and stuff

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