Cancelling A Phone Contract?

My contract with t-mobile is up next month, the phone I wanted is only available on orange online not t-mobile. So I ordered it this morning. I ring up t-mobile to cancel my contract and obtain my PAC code, when the guy tells me I can get the phone I want in the color I want for £10 less, so I accepted the offer, he tells me I can cancel my new contract with orange by refusing delivery or ringing them and sending the phone back. Which is the best way to go about this, I’m getting rather anxious thinking I’ll end up stuck with 2 contracts.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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3 Responses to “Cancelling A Phone Contract?”

  1. Andi says:

    – distance selling rules say you can return it 7 days after it is delivered
    and definitely now. – just ring up and cancel
    – When you call, tell them why, and orange may match it OR let you go.
    (it is the same company now anyway)
    So yes, he is correct. you can use teh distance selling rules to cancel
    AND think this one through, if Orange can match the offer now, why did they not offer it in the first place ? – hardly a sign of good honest faith. So unless they beat the new t-mo offer (by something worth while to you eg you keep magic Nos AND get more mins or another few pounds discount – why stay ? – they had their chance..)

  2. sunnys best friend says:

    Ring Orange back and tell them that you have been offered the phone for £10 less, ask them if they can match this or do better! These companies want you as a customer, so they will make you a better offer. You can even take their counter-offer back to t-mobile and say that Orange are offering such-and-such a deal! You do have a cooling-off period with Orange where you can change your mind about theirt contract.

  3. You says:

    Most companies give you a grace period to back out of the contract free and clear

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