Canon Eos 500d Past Problem, New Lens?

So recently got a lens for my new Canon EOS 500D this is the problem I had.
I bought a 50mm FD lens (friend reccomended) and I’ve been playing around with it and trying to sort out the picture (only indoors about couple of feet away from me) and the picture seems a bit blurred even when I went outside and I’ve been adjusting everything and nothing is changing for example the aperture says it is 0 and the aperture when you look at it is really tight and nothing is changing the size of it?
The focus doesn’t seem to be changing dramatically either well it does a bit but it’s still not clear at all and the picture is very dark
So I am going for an EF type lens which someone reccomended me which is this Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 II Lens?
I can’t spend too much and I thought this was reasonable? Will this work on my camera? and what does the 1.8 mean? and does 50 mm means it zooms in a total of 50mm? also the minimum focus range is 45cm ? is this bad and what does that mean

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  1. thankyou says:

    The problem with the FD lens was that it is the wrong lens for the EOS body. Since the FD lens mount cannot fit within the EOS body mount, a simple non-optical adapter would force the lens forward making it impossible to focus at infinity or any but a very close distance. A slightly better adapter would have a corrector lens, but although those can achieve focusing accuracy they lose some optical quality, and the absence of auto focusing and metering is more trouble than it’s worth. Using an actual EOS lens like the one you are now considering should eliminate these problems. Is it a good use of a limited money supply? The EF 50mm is a very good lens for the uses it is useful for, but that might not be many. If you are looking to buy something, if you don’t already have a very good tripod, I would give that higher priority. Don’t waste your money on flimsy junk. Be prepared to spend your EF 50mm f1.8 budget on your tripod.
    Actually, if you have a non-optical adapter for your FD 50mm lens, it might provide some service as a close-up lens, because that adapter is shifting the effective focusing range closer than its original use with the originally compatible camera. If that lens works at all it would only be in manual mode, with aperture controlled by the aperture ring.

  2. fhotoace says:

    A 50 mm lens is a prime lens and that means that it does not zoom at all
    f/1.8 tells you what the maximum aperture is for any specific lens. f/1.8 is considered a fast lens
    The minimum focus of 45 cm tells you that it is NOT a macro lens.
    The reason your photos are dark is because you are underexposing them. If you use the cameras light meter, you will be able to get near perfect exposures

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