Can’t Decide Which Dress To Use?!?!?

I unfortunately don’t have pictures of either of them yet, but I’m having 2 dresses designed for a new clothing line I can hopefully get started, and I need to pick one now and one later, but I have to pick the one that would generate more sales. So I’m going to give a brief description and I’m asking you to tell me which you would buy and why just from the description. If it seems cliche or overused tell me.
1. It is white with pink flowers (like a vintage dress) it is a semi low v-neck. It has sleeves that go over your shoulders (so it stops about halfway on your shoulder not your arm), it gets smaller in the waist then loosens up towards the bottom. It comes just above the knees. It’s has a gorgeous lace trim on the bottom and the sides, and would cost (approx. $30-$75 in most department stores because of the material) it does zip on the side.
2. A super light pink that comes up to your neck (like a regular shirt) it has tank top sleeves (about 3-4 fingers wide) a lace belt around the waist that has a white flower on it that can be taken on our off. It comes just below the knees, it does not zip, but on the inside there’s a button (not noticeable) that is used to adjust the dress. It would cost (approx. $25-$50 in most department stores. Both would need to be dry cleaned or put with other special care clothing.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Decide Which Dress To Use?!?!?”

  1. Janine Karaka says:

    The second.It will attract mor sales since its the type of dress that would suit most tastes and its cheaper than the first. Advertising that it has an adjustable button would attract more people

  2. Angelica says:

    No. 1 because vintage looking dresses are so popular at the moment and v neck is very flattering and getting smaller in the waist sounds perfect because it comes in tight on one of the thinnest part of a women’s body and I would never wear a dress longer than my knees which is why number 1 is good and although its mildly more expensive than no. 2 I know I would be getting a better quality dress:) although both sound really cute I personally think number 1 🙂 and good luck xx

  3. vivian says:

    I like the 1st one better, the silhouette is great, show all the curves, and the vintage or retro styles are quite hot for this year and recent years. the waist line sounds great. and the lace decoration is hot for this year too, If I were you, I would pick the first one.

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