cant find britishairways shareholder discount scheme?

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  1. raysor says:

    Shareholders, who held 200 ordinary shares or more on 7 November 2008, are eligible for a 10 per cent discount on-line for bookings made during 2009. Just click here and you will be taken to our bookings website where you will be asked to enter your discount and shareholder reference numbers. Taxes, fees, charges and any other applicable surcharges (‘surcharges’) payable do not qualify for the 10 per cent discount and the Member is responsible for paying these. Full terms and conditions can be found under featured items.

    The Record Date for the 2010 Discount is 6 November 2009. Details will be e-mailed to eligible shareholders during December and the discount becomes valid for bookings made from 1 January.

    Changes to Shareholder Discount for 2010
    The British Airways shareholder discount scheme will be amended with effect from 1 January 2010. Shareholders will only be eligible for the discount if they have registered to receive communications relating to their shares electronically.
    This concession and details of other companies perks can be found in the Investment Calendar

  2. Mayday says:

    I am British Airways shareholder and I never used 10% discount coupon. I find it is gimmick. If you use you might be end up paying more than buying from normla highstreet travel agent. Please compare price with highstreet travel agent and with 10% discount. Also consider the route you travelling,it may be possible BA might be not going to your last destination. After doing 10% discount hassale with BA it is not worth doing. I am not joking but have a try and you might have better use of that time elsewhere. BA employees get more better discount and more better class with economy fare. Also BA employess and their friends and family get better treatment inflight service than fully paid passengers. I believe stop dreaming about discount.

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