Can’t Pay My Car No More?

On October i bought a VW Jetta from a little ghetto car lot, i was a full time student and full time job and it was my first time buying a car, after i bought it, it started messing up, and it had NO warranty, it was “As it is” sale. at 1st i didint mind buying it a few things here and there but after a while it would always be something, so now im stuck with this Lemon, and i guess i still owe 8,200 on it, and i havent moved it for almost a month now because a $600 fuel pump went out, i burly even drove the car because it was always down or something would be wrong with it, i never wanted bad credit but as i started thinking bout it, i’m paying off to much for this car, is making me go in debt real bad and it still ain’t moving. so my question is, what would happen if i stop paying off the car and the bank repossess it? they expect 300 a monthly bill and 145 for insurance on it, so this past month i paid 445 for it just to sit on my drive way. i’m so stressed bacause i don’t want a repo on my record but that seems to be the only way off getting rid of this lemon, is their any other way to get rid of it without all that repo hassle?

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