car boot sale shopping tips…?

im going to a massive car boot sale in ym local area tomorrow,, do you have any tips on picking up good items?

or anything interesting i should know about car boot sales?
how much money should i take?

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7 Responses to “car boot sale shopping tips…?”

  1. Soxygirl says:

    Have a few things in mind that you’re looking for and sort the price by that – how much are you willing to pay for a certain item.
    I’d say make sure you bring some change, it’ll come in handy.
    Don’t be afraid to haggle, it’s a car boot sale, it’s what people do but be warned some people are pro’s, don’t let them put you off.
    Most importantly have fun =]

  2. bails says:

    Go early before the bargains go

  3. Mystical Mamba says:

    haggle, and don’t argue with people with foriegn accents at a car boot!

    walk around twice and don’t buy on first sight.
    if you want some pretty old furniture, take about £250, if you’re just browsing, take about £50, so you don’t spend too much

  4. fancypants says:

    Just pick up stuff you need and not because they are a bargain, or you’ll end up with loads of junk.
    Carry a lot of change and small notes for haggling,
    eg: oh it’s 20 quid? Well i have 12 left will that do? etc etc

  5. des says:

    go early
    never pay the price they want allways bantar
    never but food or electirical items
    good luck and enjoy

  6. ..Sparkling Diamond.. says:

    Haggle! Set yourself a limit and stand your ground, some car boot sales can be visious.

  7. samsamdavedave says:

    think of things you need/want before you go, so you don’t end up buying everything just because its so cheap….you will regret it later when finding a new home for your stuff!

    make sure you have plenty of change, and some small notes…don’t ever pay what they ask for, haggle them down!

    most of all, have a good time!

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