Car boot sale tips please!?

Having a car boot sale soon..selling general bits and bobs as well as second hand clothing..any tips and ideas for a successful sale ? xox

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  1. magiccabbage says:

    Arrange clothing by size to make it easier for buyers to see if what you have is suitable for them.

    Make a sign saying "all reasonable offers considered" makes people feel they can haggle which car booters love!

    If you have anything which requires batteries for sale, take some batteries with you so you can show people the item works OK.

    Group similar things together; people who like one thing may well like similar things and make you an offer for a whole bunch of things.

    Be smiley and friendly…nothing puts me off more than a grumpy stall holder!

    Take paper, tape and a pen so that you can write peoples names, tape it to an item and offer to hold bulky items for buyers till the end of the boot sale, so they can come back and claim them…loads of times I haven’t bought something as the thought of lugging it around has put me off!

    Attract the kids…parents always follow their kids so get the kids to come to your stall, you get the parents too!

    Have a "bargain bin" with a fixed price on it to attract people

    Don’t over price things, and be prepared to lower prices towards the end of the day.

    Make sure you and your items look clean and well looked after…scruffy sellers put a lot of people off!

    Have fun!

  2. Benjy says:

    Arrange them nicely, impressions are everything people need to think "hmmmm that looks like a nice stall" to go over.

    dont just pile crap into boxes

  3. gavmel259 says:

    Mark your items slightly higher than the price you wish to sell the items.

    So then if someone buys your item ,you can knock the price down to what you actually want for it, and the buyer thinks he getting a good deal.

  4. says:

    Take lots of carrier bags, hangers for the clothes and loose change.
    Don’t price individual items but do try to decide before the sale how much you want to charge. You can put up notices saying something lie, "all in this box under £2.50", or whatever price you think.
    Be flexible and accept reasonable offers.
    Enjoy your day, good luck.

  5. Tenpenny says:

    1. Arrange items neatly and visibly
    2. Ensure everything is clean
    3. Beforehand, advertise yourself
    4. Depending on condition of items, set prices just over or slightly below what the item cost.
    5. If regularly selling, try and get wholesale lots of items

  6. kittykisskisss says:

    Clothes ideally should be hanging up on a rail if that is possible. Put an old curtain or tablecloth over the table you’re using and set things out so people can see what you’re selling don’t clutter too much together and keep tidying up your table because people usually make such a mess. Also if possible people like to see prices on the articles you are selling, I know that some stuff that you will be selling will probably have cost you a lot of money, but believe me don’t over price your things as buyers want things as cheap as possible and aren’t willing to pay the prices that you think are fair.
    If I was you i would wait until the weather is better because that way lots more buyers will go to the car boot sale and you have more chance of making more money. Good luck i hope you make your millions.

  7. david k says:

    know how much you want for each item
    make sure items are complete and all electrical item are working
    hang clothes on a clothes rail
    do not over crowd your table but display nicely and bring items out as you have room
    have plenty of plastic bags and lots of loose change
    be polite but firm when selling
    have a great sale day

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