car boot sale?

i want to do a car boot sale and know where to go and how much a space costs but i haven’t a clue what to price items at, its mostly dvd/vid boxsets, tv, baby toys, some clothes and jewellery i don’t want to sell them too cheap but i don’t want the prices too high incase i don’t sell anything
p.s everythings in good condition

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  1. bert says:

    In the past,my wife and I have done a couple of car boot sales,we paid £10 for a stall,it’s surprising when you tell your friends you are taking part in one,they hawk some of their rubbish out and give it to you to sell,as for pricing,we started sticking prices on articles a couple of days before,if you are pricing things too high,don’t worry people will soon let you know,also a lot of people want to haggle,they enjoy it..A couple of weeks before you have your own stall,go round other boot sales to get an idea of prices,lastly,just remember,it’s not just about making a profit,it’s good fun as well,good luck.

  2. shake_um says:

    Well, it’s only worth what someone will pay for it. I usually use eBay to find out what something is worth. If you have an eBay account, log in and then do a search for the item you want to sell. Use the recently sold box to see what people have actually paid for the item. Hope this helps.

  3. karla says:

    Always best to put a bit higher coz they will always knock you down.
    Once you have a price in Ur mind that you want stick to it as much as poss

  4. ALLEN B says:

    Check out what prices similar items are going for on eBay, that will give you a good indication if you don’t count the postage costs.

  5. Robert C says:

    The best way to do this Amy is to go to boot sales in your area and see what the local prices are.

    They can differ in different places.

    I do boot sales and I price everything as reasonably as possible and insist on the price because I don’t like haggling. The only time I accept offers is if they are offering to buy a number of items at one time.

    I also avoid letting the ‘early-birds’ buy all the best stuff before the public get there. You will get rid of lots of stuff…but you will not get good prices.

    Also…they will BS you about what your stuff will fetch!…so do your homework!!!!!!

  6. liz_burden says:

    Don’t price anything because it can put people off. Just have prices in your head add a little on because most people will barter with you. Or if they seem interested ask them to make you an offer the secret of success is to be a little bit cheeky.
    If you have clothes to sell lay them all on a tarpaulin at the front of your stall people love to rummage unless you have something really special. if you just want to get rid of them offer them for a £1 each.

  7. mz_ lily says:

    Start at a high realistic price and then drop the price and they will think they are getting a real bargain.

  8. baby dooley says:

    I do car boot sales all the time and people want everything for next to nothing,vidoes sell for about £2 toys £1 -£2 and clothes about the same i know it doesn’t sound much but people are greedy and will knock you down so be prepared to haggle.

  9. suejuggins says:

    Go to the car boot where you are thinking of selling just to look around first. Things will sell for different amounts in different areas, so get a feel for what they are going for . Then consider how much stuff you want to take home with you if it doesn’t sell and that will give you an idea how much value you put on each thing. Have in mind a reasonable price, but not too high as it might put buyers off (and not everyone will want to haggle) and be prepared to come down a bit in price. Pick a sunny morning and happy selling!!

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