car boot sales in dublin ??

can anyone tell me of any car boot sales or sales of work in dublin ?? i want to get rid of some stuff but all the local charities arent taking any donations for about a yr .
any ideas??


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3 Responses to “car boot sales in dublin ??”

  1. Intrepid says:

    There will be sales of work in Whitefriar Street Church, on a weekly basis starting in Novermber. If you need to sell your things before then, there is a sale of work/car boot sale held regularly in Navan, which is about half an hour from Dublin. (It depends on where you are from in Dublin, naturally.) There is a charity which WILL accept donations, here is their email address, Their website is, if you want to know more about them. The Irish committee is raising funds for GADHOH.

    Good luck in whatever you decide.
    Whitefriar street, Navan or GADHOH-Ireland.

  2. Podge and Rodge says:

    Why would people want to sell their car boots?

  3. "The Dark Horse" says:

    Tere are car boot sales in Santry and ballbriggan every weekend!

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