car boot sales?

have you ever bought something at a car boot sale and made loads of money selling it on, if so what did you buy?

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4 Responses to “car boot sales?”

  1. Anna W says:

    My b/f does exactly that at car boot sales all the time…but on the most spectacular junk you’ve ever seen!!!

    He once bought a set of wheel arches (one was missing!) for £25 and sold them for £50!

    He’s done the same with a lamp shade that he found in a skip & sold it for £2!

    He must have the gift of the gab or something!

  2. alex_rccrd says:

    my mum used to make a small fortune out of going to car boots jumble sales etc buying stuff direct cheap, cleaning up and selling it on. all sorts of bits and pieces

  3. Emma W says:

    Its cheating a bit but I bought a ‘friends’ dvd which completed my collection and then sold the lot on ebay for loads of money. My hubby built a bike from leftover bits at work and sold it for 300 quid. He didn’t even pay for the bits!!!! Total profit!!!!

  4. courtney06 says:

    No but i did read in the paper the other day that someone brought this teapot for something like £40.00 and sold it on for something like £40,000!

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