Car insurance discount for drivers using a camera?

Does anyone know of any UK car insurance companies that offer a discount to drivers who use an in-car forward facing camera such as

With increasing premiums i’d be tempted to splash out £200 on one of these for a cheaper insurance quote!

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4 Responses to “Car insurance discount for drivers using a camera?”

  1. Timbo is here says:

    There aren’t any. The ones that do such insurance also provide the cameras and at the moment I believe it is only available for trucks and buses.

  2. Carol says:

    As far as insurance is concerned, all that a camera does is prove who caused an accident if there is one. It does not make someone a better driver.

    I am not aware of any insurance companies who offer discounts for this.

  3. EvelynThe ModifiedDog. says:

    There aren’t any. Having a camera in the car isn’t going to alter your chances of having a crash.

  4. Beccy says:

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